Charabanc品牌由Barbara Behan 和 Carrie Hindmarsh 共同创立,旨在将旅行的热爱与精致的香气结合。Charabanc的香氛陶瓷片由传承三代的西班牙瓦伦西亚工厂的匠人用湿压工艺手工制作而成。香盒则由专门生产飞机燃料罐和喷火式前锥技艺娴熟的专家手工旋压而成。每一款设计外观汲取灵感于古典车的内饰,精益求精的细节,都让人自然联想到过去旅行的黄金时光。

Charabanc, co-founded by Barbara Behan and Carrie Hindmarsh, aims to combine a love of travel with a passion for beautiful fragrance. Charabanc's scented ceramic sheets are hand-crafted by three generations of craftsmen at the Valencia factory in Spain using a wet pressing process. The metal cages are hand-spun by experts who specialise in aircraft fuel tanks and Spitfire nose cones. Each design is inspired by the interior of a classic car, with meticulous details that naturally remind people of the golden days of travel.