Obvious创立于2020年,主理人David Frossard曾是多个海外知名小众沙龙香水品牌的幕后推手。Obvious作为一个新兴奢侈香氛品牌,将朴素的设计融入优雅的内核。在配方中使用高比例的天然原料和有机稀释酒精。在包装上则采用了回收玻璃制作的玻璃瓶、可再生纸和有机染料,同时减少塑料制品的使用。“Less is more”这就是Obvious的品牌精神。

Founded in 2020, Obvious is headed by David Frossard, the driving force behind a number of niche salon perfume brands which are well-known overseas. Obvious is an emerging luxury fragrance brand that combines simple design with an elegant core. A high proportion of natural ingredients and organic diluted alcohol are used in the formulation. Care for our environment is a principle of the brand, the bottles are made from recycled glass, recycled paper and organic dyes are used for packaging to reduce the use of plastic products. "Less is more" this is the Obvious brand spirit.