FLORIS LONDON,始于1730年的英国皇室御用香气。自诞生以来,服务了八代英国皇室,见证无数皇室婚礼、登基仪式等重要瞬间,代表了无可挑剔的品质与传承。品牌独立香水屋甄选全球原材料,将鲜花最新鲜灵动香气锁在瓶中,每一瓶Floris都仿佛刚采摘的香水鲜花,陪伴你定格每个重要的人生时刻。

Floris’ story begins in 1730 and their fragrances are favoured by the British royalfamily. Since it’s founding at 89 Jermyn Street in London, they have served eight generations of the royal family, celebrating countless royal weddings, enthronements and other prestigious occasions, with bespoke fragrances. Floris represents not only luxury, but impeccable quality and heritage. The brand has an independent perfume house on site and selects raw materials from all over the world to lock in wonderous scents in every bottle. Each one being like a freshly picked flower to accompany you through every important moment of your life. To this day they can still be found at their Jermyn Street store, where each visitor can fully appreciate Floris’ passion for perfume.