The Fourth China Green Ship Repair Forum And Demonstration Was Held By IMC-YY


On 18th April 2019, more than 40 representatives from ship repair industry were gathering together in Zhoushan IMC-YY shipyard (IMC-YY) for the fourth China Green ship repair forum and demonstration with the subject < Promote The Ship Maintenance Technology Revolution , Build China's Ship Repair Green Development Road Together>.


This conference was sponsored by China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry Ship Repair Branch, The Chinese Society Of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and IMC-YY.

In the morning, conference attendees saw the new type of green ship repair equipment and technology at IMC-YY shipyard Dock 1#. The “Dock Elephant” which combines hydro-jetting and semi-automatic painting function can efficiently complete both derusting and painting operation on the facade, plane and curved surface according to the three-dimensional coordinates of space entered. The recycling system on the dock floor named as “Dock Blue Whale” can separate paint slag from wastewater. The paint is solid waste treated while the wastewater will be concentrated to the sewage treatment station and discharged after treatment. This new intelligent model of green ship repair, subverted the traditional ship repair equipment in the past , greatly improved production efficiency and reduced environmental pollution, is the direction of the ship's green intelligent technology revolution in the future. 



In the afternoon, the representatives of IMC-YY introduced ship repair industry green development plan, technological innovation, sustainable development strategy of financial management and the application of UHP water steel plate pretreatment technology in anti-corrosion process, shared the experience gained in the construction of green ship repair with peers presented. Many representatives at the meeting said that in the future, they will have more in-depth cooperation with IMC-YY. Four companies including Guangzhou Wenchong Dockyard Co., Ltd. signed thewith IMC-YY immediately at the meeting. IMC-YY will provide equipment configuration, technology, engineering services and other programs in accordance with the need of the cooperative enterprises within the agreement.


Mr. Li Zhengjian, vice executive secretary of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry, believes that the independent management and scientific research of IMC-YY provides a continuous driving force and innovation power for its green development. The current green ship repair industry, taken the UHP water Jetting blasting as a breakthrough, shall shift from high-speed growth to high-quality development.

In the future, IMC-YY will continue to make efforts to provide practical and effective solutions for the green development of China and the world ship repair industry.